Week 3 Discussion Board

After taking the Cosmetics Quiz at the FDA site, please evaluate your answers identify another consumer product that is regulated (it does not have to be regulated by the FDA)what similarities or inconsistencies are there between the two products do you think regulation is a good thing or bad thing, why or why not?what conclusions can you draw from your analysis Support your answers with legal concepts from this week’s learning – Be sure to provide in text citation and source information

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Another consumer product sometimes regulated by the FDA would be the various types of products within the food industry. For example, dairy products like milk, juices, fruits and vegetables and seafood to name a few. Primarily, the majority of food products is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). However, the FDA does work with certain agencies like the USDA to regulate the food industry. According the Compliance & Enforcement page on the FDA’s website, “FDA protects consumers from unsafe foods through: Research and methods development, inspection, sampling, recall, seizure, injunction and criminal prosecution.” (2015). FDA does approve certain things in the food industry such as any color additives in food products. They do not approve the food labels, however, there are certain requirements companies need to abide by. “FDA does not approve individual food labels before food products can be marketed. But FDA regulations require nutrition information to appear on most foods, including dietary supplements.

Also, any claims on food products must be truthful and non-misleading, and must comply with any special requirements for the type of claim.”(“Is it really FDA approved?”, 2009).Some differences that exist between the two products would be the regulations required. Certain food products are much more regulated. Since it is for physical consumption and poses heavier risks than cosmetics, which are generally for surface application, I can understand the need for more regulation. Whereas, cosmetic products don’t necessarily need to be FDA approved and can still be placed on the market. There are some regulations in place for cosmetics such as those in place for color additives. Similarly, both food products and cosmetics require approval before any new food additives or color additives are used in products.

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