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Many of you have broadband Internet access in your homes! Did you choose DSL, cable or Satellite for your broadband access? Why did you choose the connection method you did? There are also other techniques for bringing broadband to your homeā€¦wireless, broadband cellular. Do any of you have those and how are they working for you.

The appearance of technologies like cable modems and DSL has brought full-time Internet access to the home user. Think about and discuss ways in which this has affected the lives of your families or in ways it could potentially affect their lives.

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I chose DSL because we had phone lines we could connect right into instead of using the neighborhood hub. Around my area there are a lot of problems with tapping into cable because the line is already full and there are no other options in the area. Luckily, where we live we were able to just tap into our phone lines. I chose DSL because of the benefits is why we chose to use DSL: Reliable, secure, dedicated connection More affordable Can compete in some areas with speeds offered by cable Best for email, browsing and light internet usage(Weida,2016).My aunt has broadband wireless through the cell phone company of Verizon Wireless and it has really fast speeds in the area in which Windstream that would be through phone line would suck really bad. Trust me, had Windstream there and oh boy was it 3x worse than ever having the

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