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Week 3 Discussion form of communication

Describe a time you found yourself in a situation where you faced a specific form of communication apprehension in the workplace. Be sure to explain the apprehension itself and how you experienced it. If your work experience is limited, consider a time when you were working with others in a different context, such as school or a club.

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The most recent time that comes to mind when I had found myself faced with a form of communication apprehension was about four years ago when I was stationed in Hawaii. My job was a little unique and outside of my original career field where we had to occasionally brief outside commanders, doctors, and support staff on different issues with Soldiers they were in charge off. Out of the four forms of CA I feel I faced two, which were meeting and public speaking. Earlier that day I had to brief the middle management team that I worked for locally but later that night we were instructed that we had to brief the Medical Command team in San Antonio, Texas through Virtual Teleconference (VTC) to include our local higher command sitting in the room and a one Star General. The meeting I felt displayed I had a mid to low CA because I was confident knowing most of the individuals in the room and knew all the info I was expected to brief. Prior to the VTC I experienced a high CA for the coming public speaking VTC. I

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