Week 3 DQ 1 formal action to adjudicate

What are stipulations for detention of a juvenile prior to any formal action to adjudicate? What are types of crimes associated with this? What are the benefits of detaining the juvenile? Include course material in your answer as required.

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Some jurisdictions conduct intake hearings or screenings, where the comments and the opinions are asked for from individuals such as the law enforcement, parents or guardians, the juvenile’s neighbors, or their victims. However, in other jurisdictions, the intake process is pretty informal; it generally consists of a conversation between the juvenile and the intake officer (Champion, 2010, p. 30).In order for law enforcement officer’s to reach a judicial decision, the intake officer will consider the juveniles attitude, his or her demeanor, their age, the seriousness of the offense, as well as many other factors; such as if the juvenile has had numerous prior contact with the juvenile justice system; or if the alleged

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