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Week 3, DQ 2 (Due Day 4, Friday)

What kinds of all or nothing thinking have you detected in yourself? How will you stop it?

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When I think of all-or-nothing thinking, I remember when a very special relationship ended. I was very sad and felt weak and depressed. I kept telling myself that I might as well give up because I will never find a love like that. The relationship was great, good communication, lots of interests in common, no problems. His religion got in the way and we had to stop seeing each other. I understood his choice because we had spent a lot of time talking about his religion and his feelings about it, but it did not make it any easier to deal with the loss. It took me a while to change the thoughts of all-or-nothing to acceptance.
I talked to friends and with their help I began to change my thoughts and appreciate that I had had a chance to experience that kind of relationship. I began to think more realistically. Even if I do not experience a love like that again, I am happy that I got the chance once in my life. Other times I have experienced all-or-nothing thoughts is when I think about all the projects I have in my house. There are so many to do inside and out. I have landscaping, painting, decorating, repairs, the list goes on. I never have enough time on the weekends to get things on my lists done. I sometimes find myself telling myself that I will never get ahead. I feel disappointed that I ran out of time or just did not use my time as wisely as I should have. I

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