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WEEK 3 homegrown violent extremism

How should the United States government deal with the heightened concern about homegrown violent extremism and the growing concern for the preservation of civil liberties? What are the political and constitutional consequences of counter-terrorism? Lastly, how do we assess the tradeoffs between freedom and security?

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There is a growing threat since 9/11 from homegrown violent extremism. In a statement before the House Homeland Security Committee, the FBI Director identified concerns in three areas:(1) those who are inspired by terrorist propaganda and act out in support; (2) those who are enabled to act after gaining inspiration from extremist propaganda and communicating with members of foreign terrorist organizations; and (3) those who are directed by members of foreign terrorist organizations to commit acts in support of the group’s ideology or cause (Wray,2017)Due to this threat, law enforcement agencies focus on identifying individuals who seek to join terrorist organizations and those who aspire to attack the US. However, in an era of

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