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week 3 tech technology and philosophy

The question of “Which people and what institutions might be most seriously harmed by a technological solution?” relative to facial recognition technology and philosophy.

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Harowitz discussion of utilitarianism brings reason to the table. His brief analyses of Kant brings ethics into the picture. When thinking of the utility of having a software that would make people safer seems like a no-brainer. Using reason I must consider the rational of sacrificing privacy as a trade off for more security. The ethical standards regarding facial recognition technology are worthy of a discussion because this technology would effect the entire culture of U.S. society. “To be alone with technology is therefore to be not quite alone, not quite disconnected”(Alang, 2015). Having facial recognition integrated into the framework of U.S. society would have people connected even if they were not online. This would affect anyone in a public space. Again, the benefits of financial security, national security, and peace of mind are compelling. Still, is this peace of mind actually

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