Week 3Discussion 2:Types of Screeners

Discuss how you can use the three screeners you examined together to ensure the children you’re working with are meeting their developmental milestones. Use your course text to support your response.

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The three screeners that I examined when screening language, cognitive, and social emotional development all provide educators and professionals with valuable information that can help children get the support that they need to be successful in the classroom. Language development is extremely important in the development of a child. The earlier that children with language delays receive intervention, the better their prognosis, as language delays are compounded by delayed intervention (Howard, & Aiken, 2015).The Fluharty Preschool Speech and Language Screening -2 is a great tool to identify children that require a speech and language evaluation. This screening tool can be quickly administered by a professional. The scores reflect performance in articulation, receptive language, expressive language, and composite language. This tool also has test reliability, validity and nobias (Duper Publications, 2015). This can ensure that the child is understanding the material being taught, as it relates to content validity.
Cognitive development is interrelated in all developmental domains of the child. The way that a child processes the world around them, remembers things, and solves problems refers to their cognition (Howard, & Aiken,2015). The Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence-Revised, is a tool that assesses IQ. This screening tool has validity which gives the examiner a better way to describe the child’s individual performance. This tool can be administered at the age of 2.6-7.3. It is administered by a professional and is about 30-45 minutes long. It covers a wide variety of cognitive areas. Working memory is an area in which it focuses on since this is a critical cognitive skill for school children (Pearson, 2015). This screening tool can help educators identify areas in which a child needs support or further evaluation. A child’s social/emotional development is critical in

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