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week 4 329 criminal offender

Describe and discuss offender sadistic behavior characteristics associated with various criminal behaviors and criminal offender personalities. In addition, list and discuss the characteristics of an auto-erotic fatality versus a suicide and how an auto-erotic fatality may be mistakenly identified as a suicide.

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Sadism is defined as “the deliberate inflicting of psychological or physical anguish on a conscious victim who is capable of experiencing pain or humiliation for the goal of sexual satisfaction”(Turvey, 2012). Sadistic offenders share the same lack of moral code and disregard for the general rules of society, also seen among sociopathic offenders. Investigators who have examined cruel people have discovered that each scheme that the criminal participates in becomes more terrifying over time. They appear to live a regular life in the eyes of others, yet they secretly act out their fantasies. More common among sadists than non-sadistic offenders are the

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