Week 4 Response common Web browser

Discuss and explain how to hack the most common Web browser. Also include methods for securing Web browsers. Include at least two different Web browsers in your discussion.

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Almost all computers come with some type of Web browser already installed. These can range from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Without securing the Web browser it can quickly lead to a variety of security issues within the computer you are using. A Web browsers vulnerabilities are often discovered and exploited through the use of compromised or malicious Web sites that a user will go toon their computer. Other factors that can make things worse are Web page addresses can be disguised to take users to unexpected sites, a user could possibly click on a hyperlink without considering the risk that could be involved with said hyper link. Firefox is a growing Web browser that more and more users are going to over the usual Internet Explorer(IE) that comes with any Microsoft computer. What most common users don’t realize is that Firefox is just as vulnerable as IE.
One major vulnerability is Firefox’s password manager, Firefox saves passwords so a user can easily log in every time to the same site that is accessed. Any attacker running a Malicious Web site can steal the user’s passwords. Unless the user has their settings configured to not save passwords or clicks not to save the password it could be potentially dangerous using this feature. Besides passwords, Firefox stores other data such as usernames and other personal information while the user searches the Internet. If a user doesn’t make sure to clear this data on a regular bases then they are leaving themselves open for someone to steal their information. Firefox has a lot of ways to protect a user and their information if the user is a little knowledgeable about what they are doing. Firefox has built in controls for things like pop-ups and to be able to clear cookies, flash advertisements from most Web sites are blocked by AdBlock. Firefox provides a few ways to let the user know that the Web site is a trusted site. There is a lock icon in the left part by the URL and displayed in the bottom right corner of the window is two ways that shows the user the site is trusted.
Internet Explorer is another big Web browser that most users will use if they are a Microsoft type of user. This Web browser comes on all Microsoft computers that are currently on the market right now, and you can even have it installed on Mac computers as well. Redirection information disclosure vulnerability is one problem that Microsoft had with some of its older versions of Internet Explorer. The redirections for URL’s are handled with the m html: URL handler, which would cause documents served from other Websites to be able to be accessed. Microsoft has fixed this problem with their newer versions and users are encouraged to apply the new patches regularly. Internet Explorer 7 provides the user many security features that will help defend them from an attack. The security status bar is one feature that is a color-coded notification that appears next to the address bar to let the user know if the Web site’s security and privacy settings. Phishing filter is another great security feature that will warn the user about and will help protect against potential or known fraudulent Web sites then it blocks the sites if appropriate.

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