week 41.2 NR532

    October 10, 2022

Roussel, Thomas, and Harris (2017) report that a microsystem analysis includes five P’s of purpose, populations, processes, patterns, and providers. A comprehensive analysis using a standardized approach to high light opportunities for improvement. Our purpose is to find the cause of the increase in malpractice claims and improve patient outcomes. The population is patients with operative procedures using Davinci robotics. The process is the Davinci robotic procedure. Next, patterns to narrow the search to understand cause and the providers are the nursing staff working in the OR. Jones, Polancich, Steaban, Feistritzer, and Poe believe quality and patient safety requires efforts from all nursing leadership. The nurse executive (CNO) is paramount to the team and drives the vision of nursing to deliver safe, quality, efficient, patient-centered care (2017, p.186). The leadership skills of CNO are necessary to achieve high-quality patient care and excellent clinical outcomes (Jones, Polancich, Steaban, Feistritzer,

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