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Week 5 Discussion 1 chapter 9

Choose any four ‘causes’ of change within a project in table 9.1 in the text. Provide a project example and scenario, and describe the impact of each change. Was there a level of change control in the project examples that tracked ownership, documentation and approval of these changes? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

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Being a project management is already a huge task and dealing with changes can add additional stress and be frustrating. According to Table 9.1 in our text, poor communication, schedule-driven projects, changes from initial design and customer changes their minds are all issues that have a huge impact on a project (Venkataraman, 2008). Poor communication is probably one of the main issues when dealing with a project. We are currently going through some major quality changes in my company and unfortunately instead of putting these changes in our current style guide, management will send an email out. Even though this is a form of

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