Week 5 Discussion 1: Technology

Your text shares many negative effects of technology & the media’s influence on children. Regardless, technology is increasing rapidly & is only becoming a larger portion of our children’s lives. First, choose an age level (toddler, pre-school, or elementary age). Then, list three positive examples of how technology has enhanced socialization for children in that age group. Give two additional examples of how parents/educators can use technology to further enhance a child’s socialization.

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When discussing the importance of safe, proper & beneficial ways that our children can utilize today’s technology, I would like to focus on my elementary school age son who is thirteen years of age. For seven years he was an only child with not many children his age in our family. As he matured, he obtained more friendships, but his social life to a certain extent remained difficult, until recently. I spend a lot of time with my children, but there are those times when he yearns for peers to play with & places to go when I am unable to take him. For this reason, I purchased a variety of different technology pieces to keep him entertained during those times when he is alone & idle. He has an IPhone, laptop, Xbox 360, IPod, &Nintendo DS. I have access to everything & he has been educated on the seriousness of using the media wisely & with respect to others, as well as himself.

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