Week 5 Discussion (Narrative Essay Prewriting and Planning)

    November 25, 2022

Week 5 Discussion

Contains unread posts

In this week’s Discussion Forum, you will share the prewriting and planning steps of the writing process that you have used to begin developing your Narrative Essay. If you are not sure about these steps and what they entail, revisit Chapter 2 of your textbook.

For the Narrative Essay due next week, you will write a story in essay form about a moment in time that has impacted you greatly, or changed youespecially in terms of choosing the healthcare field.

In this Discussion Forum, we will do the Prewriting (get and write down ideas) and Planning (organize those ideas into thesis statement and major sections) stages for the Narrative Essay.

Please see the Organizational Template for the Narrative Essay as well as the Plot Structure Diagram; they will really help you organize your ideas for the Planning you’ll do in this Forum.

1. Initial Post

  • Share ALL of the following, in this order:
  1. The list of possible ideas you came up with initially—as many as possible!
  2. Which topic you think you will choose to focus on, and why
  3. What your “climax” or emotional high point of the narrative will be
  4. What your thesis statement will be (Example: “The moment I saw the nurse lean over and wipe the tear from my grandmother’s eye and gently tell her that everything would be OK, I knew that becoming a nurse was what I needed to do with my life.”
  5. Briefly, share what you will write about in each section: What will be in your Intro? What will be in your Body Paragraphs? What will be in your Conclusion?
  • HINT: you may want to copy and paste these questions into your Post, to ensure you answer each and every one so you receive full credit!

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