Week 5 Discussion

    February 8, 2023

Week 5 Discussion: Patients have to be the focus of every health care worker. This is because the patients are not only the customers and provide the income for the medical businesses, but also because the services provided to patients deal with life versus death or quality of life. To keep the focus on patients, many laws, regulations, and rules—including ethical codes of conduct—have been created to guide caregivers and other medical employees.

For this discussion prompt, complete an Internet search to  research a current case where a violation of patients’ rights is at the forefront of the case. Post the link to the case, and explain why there is a violation of patients’ rights. Be sure to cite from your readings and research and explain in detail the specifics of violation.  

Legal case to discuss informed consent

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Janet Tracey has died at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, one of Britain's best-knownhospitals. Her family has won their claim that the hospital's staff have violated the patient'srights when a form request... View This Answer

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