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Week 5 DQ # 2 Weakness (Due 9/7/13)

From what you have learned in this course, what would you consider the biggest weakness in your state’s juvenile justice system? Describe the weakness and speculate on how you might correct the problem. Include course material in your answer as required.

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It cost for juveniles to be in a detention facility in Oregon between the years2011-2013 ($231 per day) for managing and treating close-custody youth offenders pays for security and housing, facility maintenance, medical care, treatment services. The juvenile system in Oregon goals are to protect the public and reduce crime by holding youth offenders accountable for their behavior. They continue to improve their treatment, education, and job training services to provide juvenile’s with the opportunity to learn personal responsibility and develop the skills and behaviors they need to make positive choices for themselves. The only weakness I could come across in our county is funding and

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