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Week 6 DB officer accountability

How effective are police officer body camera initiatives impacting on policing leadership and officer accountability? Explain.

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Body-worn cameras (BWCs) are being utilized more in more throughout police agencies across the country. Over the past couple of years, the nation witnessed several high-profile deadly force situations which has resulted in the increase in police scrutiny from the public and the interest in BWCs (Smykla, Crow, Crichlow, & Snyder, 2015).There has not been a substantial amount of research on the effects on body-worn cameras; however, the proponents of them believe that they will minimize the police’s quick inclination to resort to using force, reduce citizens’ complaints against officers, increase safety for both officers and citizens, assist criminal prosecutions, and facilitate officer training, all while increasing the accountability and transparency of the police force (Ariel, 2016; Smykla, Crow, Crichlow, & Snyder, 2015).John Smykla, Matthew Crow, Vaughn Crichlow, and Jamie Snyder (2015),conducted a study wherein they surveyed law enforcement leadership from local, state and federal agencies regarding their perspectives on body-worn cameras. Those who opposed BWCs believed they would impact their officers’ decisions to use force, making them more reluctant to use necessary force in encounters with citizens. They also believed that the public supported BWCs due to their lack of trust in the police. They felt

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