week 7.2

    October 10, 2022

As a reminder to those who may have not read my posts in the past six weeks, my PICOT question is: In patients with CHF, would a scheduled education program with booklet versus just education handouts decrease 30 day hospital admissions over a 3 month period?” Heart failure readmission rates cause the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to now give hefty penalties to organizations within thirty days so there is currently a tremendous amount of research surrounding this topic. There are two major research studies that really follow the PET model that I am aiming for with this study. My goal is to have approximately 60 test subjects from my primary care practice who fall within the categories of having a low ejection fraction, diagnosed with heart failure, and who do not have severe comorbidities including other systems. I will split this group into a control group and an intervention group. The control group will receive a three-month educational program and booklet while the other will receive the standardized care that has been used in the office.
            The PDSA model was created by Edward Deming and is a great way to implement change and improve quality of care. The PDSA stands for Plan, Do, Act, and Study (Donnelly

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