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Week 7: Discussion – A shifting career

As we wrap up this course, we have seen a very different side of an accountant’s job – understanding systems and business processes. Review the article and discuss why this article is relevant to this course. Accountants are no longer the stereotypical “bean-counters” we are known as.Why do you think that is?In your careers, are you doing a lot more than just finance and bookkeeping?How does this article apply to you?

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This article is relevant to this course because it mimics our textbook message “Now more than ever, information technologies affect every aspect of accounting, from what data are captured (social media, blogs, sensor data), how data are captured (RFID tagging), where data are stored (cloud-based databases), and how data and information are analyzed and presented (data visualization). As technologies advance, so does the accounting profession.”[CITATION Sim18 \p vii \l 1033 ]Before this class, I may not have agreed because I had not put it all together. I only saw an accountant’s

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