week 7 forum emotional development

What do you think is the most challenging change/s in physical, cognitive, social or emotional development that occur in in late adulthood? What approaches would you recommend to alleviate some of the impact of these changes? If you believe that the changes are inevitable, why do you hold that belief? Support your writing with information from our readings.

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I think the most challenging physical change is a person’s appearance and their mobility. In today’s world the majority of people cannot accept that they are getting older so they try to rectify the inevitable with quick fixes and lotions medications and exercise routines. To alleviate some of the impact of these physical changes I would recommend a balanced lifestyle. Most Of the time people want to change what they are doing that effects their well-being after something is already wrong. If you make changes before you are already unhealthy you will have a better expectancy and life. I think the most challenging social and emotional change that a person has is their change in behavior and in the things, that affect them. People tend to be less hot-headed and less confrontational the older they are. The best advice to alleviate some of the impact is to learn how to control your emotions early on so that when you are older you aren’t shell-shocked when your actions are as irrational. The most challenging thing I think occurs is cognitive change.
Most people learn to grasp the concept of their bodies losing mobility and the fact that their physical features don’t look like they use to but forgetting important moments or not remember w certain person is what I think is the hardest thing for people in late adulthood to face. No one wants to forget their family or those special moments that once meant the world to them. The best advice to alleviate the impact of these changes is having family and friends to keep those memories and moments fresh. Another piece of advice would be to keep your minds fresh by keeping a good mental health. Things like reading interacting with other people and not allowing you to get stuck in a redundant routine has been shown to help with mental health. A study also has shown that when spending time with children people in their late adulthood have shown improvement in all levels of development.

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