Week 8 concepts to appy to future as APN

1.How to make informed decisions on nursing practice and patient outcomes on a global basis. In addition, state how you will apply what you have learned in this course to your upcoming practicum experience.2.Describe how one will apply content from NR506NP to the upcoming clinical courses.

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I think one of the most important aspects of healthcare and nursing specifically is being able to make informed and educated decisions based off of evidence-based practice and scientifically proven science. As the article states, it’s important to put our patients at the center of their care, and providing care that bases decisions on clear evidence, continuous feedback, learning, and provides full transparency (Berwick, Snair, Nishtar,2018). On a global scale, the healthcare setting is lacking, and there is so much red tape around providing care for those who need it. It is our job as providers to help remove that red tape and make healthcare more accessible and understandable for our patients.

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