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Week 8 discussion various printer types

What are the various printer types and characteristics? Impact, inkjet, laser, thermal, dot matrix, Describe, in your own words, the trouble shooting process, the sequence of steps taking and safety precautions.

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There are many different types of printers that have been on the market, but the most popular one that is used today are inkjet printers. Inkjet printers work by dropping very small drops of ink onto the paper thus creating an image. These drops of ink are mixed with different color ink to create different colors that are photo-quality images. The final product is nothing like it was when printers first emerged on the scene. Dot-matrix printers, which have been largely replaced by inkjet printers, reminds me of a typewriter in a way. It strikes the ink ribbon with a hard surface, creating an image that has a dotted appearance on the paper. In between the dot matrix printer and the inkjet printer, there have been laser printers and thermal printers.

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