Week 8 Post nursing practice

How to make informed decisions on nursing practice and patient outcomes on a global basis. In addition, state how you will apply what you have learned in this course to your upcoming practicum experience

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As an advanced practice nurse, you want to provide the best care with the best patient outcomes. One way to do that is by educating yourself on a daily basis. By taking classes, looking up evidence-based articles, reading new research, as well as listening to scholarly podcasts, you can stay up to date with the current up to date research. By providing evidence-based practice to your patients, we provide high-quality patient care. Evidence-based practice can “improve quality of patient care, satisfy social demands for certain types of care, and reduce care costs” (Hsieh & Chen, 2020). On a global basis, patient outcomes as a little bit different. Some countries have universal healthcare. While doing my research and reading, it seems as

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