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Week Two Discussion 3 & 4

Discuss the possible physical, personal and interpersonal benefits individuals can gain from knowledge and understanding of their body and how it functions. To accomplish this task read chapters 3 and 4 and answer the following: “What role, if any does media play in shaping a woman’s self-image regarding the appearance of her genitals?”

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I am so on the fence with this question because according to our text, media…internet, magazine and film…have brought an increase in women having labiaplasty, however it says these media sources are in the pornography world, so via porn magazines, porn films I guess. When I think of media, general media, which I am a part of, I could not think of a single media venue that I have seen anything about female’s genitals that would affect a woman’s self-image. Maybe I am seriously uneducated and naive about our society and pornography, but I cannot fathom that enough females are so immersed in pornography that their self-images would suffer from seeing what trends porn stars are doing to their bodies. That it could be statistically stated that the consensus of our female society is having self-image issues over how their genitals look. My 16-year-old granddaughter got caught up in this discussion because she walked in and saw my textbook open and said, “What are you looking at, oh my gawd!”, in which I explained it is my text book and that I was confused about this discussion even after reading the book because I have never heard anything about media playing a part in a woman’s self-esteem about the private part.

She said she had never seen a media source about the topic either, and has never heard any other teenager talk about it, that the closest she has seen to anything like this is the girls who stupidly send nude photos to boys at school and the boys make fun of them because of their pubic hair, but that is not media, that is just phone stupidity. Which on that note, I guess there is the answer to the shaving off pubic hair. It is a trend now to do so with the teens apparently, and my granddaughter just told me that in her sex education class they learned that shaving off pubic hair cuts down on the risk of stds. I then told her how in my book I read that circumcising a male does the same thing. I think all piercings have become a big thing, everyone under a certain age is piercing every part of their bodies any more. I do agree with my granddaughter though that it is not really a media induced trend, it is a real-time peer relationship induced trend.

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