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2Read Case 6.1, EC Application – Knowledge Management at Infosys Technologies. Identify the knowledge management cycle, found in exhibit 6.6, in this case, applying each entity such as create, capture, refine, etc. to the case and briefly explaining each one. Then, explore the broader question of how knowledge management is related to e-commerce

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Infosys Technologies created a foundation for which its employees learned from each other. Bodies of knowledge encouraged its employees to write down their experiences of different topics to share with all employees. The employees captured past experiences and shared them at which point a KShop was created. KShop is a central knowledge portal. This portal allowed local groups to maintain their own content. Refine knowledge, New knowledge must be placed in context so that it is actionable (Turban, King, & Lang, 2011). This is where human insights (tacit qualities) must be captured along with explicit facts (Turban, King, & Lang, 2011). The information from the KShop was stored on a corporate intranet in HTML format so that it is ready to use by all employees at any time. The knowledge was disseminated in a suitable format

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