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Week3Post directory services

What are some good practices when deploying directory services?

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Beginning with Windows 2000, organizations have been able to utilize Active Directory to facilitate user and resource management, at the same time building a secure, scalable, and manageable infrastructure (Microsoft, n.d.).There are many known best practices to implement prior to and while deploying Active Directory Services, here are a few of my recommendations for best practices. Administrators should strive to keep the Active Directory installation simple and to avoid over complex implementations. Keeping it simple, will allow for flexibility at a later time if additional services are required as well as an overall improved performance and efficiency (Posey, 2010). Additionally, Active Directory will become increasingly more difficult to trouble shoot the more convoluted the deployment is (Posey, 2010). Conversely, an administrator should not be afraid to design a more complex deployment in the case of larger networks if it is required (Posey, 2010).

One seemingly obvious best practice is to ensure the domain controllers is not being used for other services, such as a mail server (Posey, 2010). Often, smaller organizations lack the funding to maintain a separate email, file, and print server (Jones, 2011). To get around this, frequently administrators will use the domain controllers for these services (Jones, 2011). The domain controller should only be used as a domain controller (Jones, 2011). If possible, your domain controller should run on dedicated physical or virtual server (Posey, 2010). The domain controller’s stability, performance and security areĀ  compromised by utilizing the domain controller for any other service (Posey, 2010).Along with not adding too many extraneous services to the domain controller, the domain controller should be redundant and backed up frequently (Microsoft, n.d.). An administrator should have a fully functioning back up in place that is hosted on another virtual server host (Posey, 2010). Additionally, if

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