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How effective are police officer body camera initiatives impacting on policing leadership and officer accountability? Explain.

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Accountability in law enforcement is crucial these days which is why finding ways in which police accountability can be tracked is a top priority. The key questions to keep in mind here is what makes it so important to keep police officers accountable as well as who it is exactly that the police officers are accountable for (Conkey, 2021).One of the most crucial things in a police officer’s day-to-day work lives includes the relationship between officers and the community members they have sworn to protect and serve. In many situations, police officers do not experience public backlash for any increase in the community‚Äôs crime rates but instead, officers experience an adverse response from the interaction they have with some community members (Rosenbaum et al., 2015, p. 352). This tends to result in a lack of trust

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