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What are potential downsides of communicating this change b. •Integrated Change Management Model c. Communications Approach

Create a powerpoint presentationPowerpoint presentation is for Fictitious Board Members of a Long Term Care OrganizationPurpose:1. Present a Communication Plan that outlines how the change will be communicated to all levels of the organization:2. Inegrate Steps in Article (attached) Studying organizational change in terms of type, diagnosis, process and intervention. To Outline powerpoint presentation3.Presentation headingsa. Executive Summaryi. describe the event(s )have occurred to get the organization to the changeii. organizational realignment will enable what changesiii. What business outcomes does this change connect to?iv. What are the benefits of the communicating this changev. What are potential downsides of communicating this changeb. •Integrated Change Management Modelc. Communications Approachd. Change Management Strategy and Plan of Activitiese. Communications Strategy and Planf. Communications Planning Timelines –create a timelineg. Organization Departmentsi. Technologyii. Clinicaliii. Operationsiv. Reimbursementv. Local Business Units – Nursing Homes

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