What do you believe are some of the barriers to effective organization change? Explain your choice(s).

    November 5, 2022

What do you believe are some of the barriers to effective organization change? Explain your choice(s).
Week 2 Discussion 
This week’s material ( CH 4, Characteristics of Open Systems) covered the input-throughput- output feedback loop. Describing the cycle of how an organization interacts with the external environment. Organizations cannot survive without this interaction with the environment.  Identify an organization or business (from the last 3-4 years) that has not survived due to failure of interaction with the environment. Identify why it failed and what change it could have done to survive.
Week 3 Discussion 
DQ1 Having read the articles on the role of emotions during organizational change, and your text readings on resistance, Do you believe emotions have a role during organizational change?   What role does it have? Have you ever consider this role that emotion(s) have previously in any organizational changes you have experienced?
DQ2 Weick and Quinn (1999) consider there to be two primary categories of organization change: episodic and continuous.Describe their definition of episodic change and their description of continuous change. Provide an example of each one, comment why you it fits that definition.
Week 6 Discussion 
Weekly threaded discussions have two objectives: 1) for students to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and 2) for students to engage their peers in a discussion that examines how to apply key concepts to real world situations. Submit a two to three paragraphs relating to the topic discussed. Each paragraph should be at minimum 3- 5 sentences long.
Reflecting on chapters 13 and  14 (Executive leadership/Transformational Leadership), Burke-Litwin model (leadership pg. 233) and supplemental articles; Read Biden’s Thanksgiving Address.  Discuss the connection(s) between the issues identified and the concepts studied in the readings.
Week 7 Discussion 
Having read the final chapters, now the entire text which chapter, topic in a chapter or what specific concept(s) was the most enlightening to you?
 Did your opinion change as to how you understood that select (chapter, topic or specific concept)? How? Why?
Please share your personal  thoughts on your learning.

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