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What is the relationship between gender and Alzheimer’s Disease?

What is the relationship between gender and Alzheimer’s Disease?what is the relationship between gender and Alzheimer’s DiseasePsy330 – Fall 2015 – Dr. Kristin Davies/Hypothesis and Three References AssignmentDirections: Please include the following TYPED and in APA style (for the references)1) 2 points: Create an empirical, directional research hypothesis. So in other words, a statement of prediction about the relationship between two factors. The hypothesis may be relational or predict a causal relationship, and may discuss variables (e.g. “I predict that high levels of perceived attractiveness will be associated with high levels of self-esteem.”), or may include a prediction about groups receiving different levels of some variable (e.g. “I predict that an experimental group made to feel anxious will report stronger religious beliefs than a control group that is not made to feel anxious.”).See the class notes for more details about hypotheses.

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