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What might the technologically enhanced nursing curriculum look like?

What might the technologically enhanced nursing curriculum look like?Computer technologies have opened the door to many new teaching approaches for nurse educators. Several nursing agencies have begun to address offering structured online programs to prepare nursing faculty to use technological advances in their teaching endeavors. The infusion of technology into higher education will not be unique to nursing just as it not new to medicine. Campuses nationwide have identified the need to enhance the availability of technology and promote the development of online courses, web base interactive programs to update and enhance degrees.What does it mean to teach with technology?Teaching with technology isn’t just about staying current on the latest tools, it’s about knowing how to successfully incorporate the best tools into your teaching practice. It’s about staying abreast of new ways to engage the audience and keep them wanting to learn more. Integrating technology into nursing education will require an educator to facilitate an effective learning experience through social media, interactive programs and web based technology. Faculty at University of Washington found that on average technology changes every four to six months (Young, 2013).Why self-directed learning is critical in a technology age and an increasingly complex healthcare delivery system.

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