Who would you say have the closet connection to and why?

    October 7, 2022

View the images from the website (Links to an external site.) and video then respond to the following questions. I personally love these images I think it tells us a lot about food culture. Or you can watch these videos of the same. Look at pictures that display a week’s worth of food for families in different parts of the world and the cost. Even though it was decades ago what do you think about the cost and amount of food? What are the most different diets from your own? Who would you say have the closet connection to and why? How do you think the week worth of food could nourish the different families’ bodies, minds, and spirit?
Discussion Directions:
After you type your initial post by Wednesday evening (by 11:55 pm), read through the other entries and reply directly to at least one classmate by Sunday evening (by 11:55 p.m.).
When you reply, please type the name of the classmate you are responding to, provide a welcome message to that person, and type your name at the bottom of the message. Remember your post must be a minimum of 200 words for the first/initial post and 75 words for your reply. Include content from our course or other related content from other sources. Attempt to reply to a student who has not yet been replied too. In your replies include a question about their post and a connection. A connection is how you relate.
Reply to Oscar: One thing that I noticed in this video is that you can tell who has access to good quality foods and those who do not. I would say that the few pictures I have seen of American families have mostly heavily processed foods compared to other parts of the world. It seems to me that only in America are processed foods heavily consumed. What I have noticed from watching this video is that most (if not all) of the non-American families are purchasing foods of better quality and nourishment, as opposed to the American families, who are purchasing items such as soda, chips and more items that are lacking nutritional value. The prices of groceries vary depending on where you live because of the currency. I would say that the American diet is very different from my own diet/personal eating choices and habits. The American diet I would say consists mainly of heavily processed food and i feel that I have the closest connection with the Japanese diet. Based on the picture I saw from the Japanese family, they had an abundance of nutrient dense foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, and had little to no processed junk foods. I would say that what you decide to eat and put into your body has a sever impact on your body, mind and spirit. Constantly eating heavily processed foods would make you feel lazy and unproductive, which causes a domino effect because if you’re lazy and unproductive in your everyday life that just ties into how you think mentally and spiritually.

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