Why people commit crime

Why people commit crime?

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Sociological and psychological approaches contribute to the development of criminology as an academic discipline
The development of criminology has taken many revolutions drawing information/ ideas from different bodies. Both sociological and psychological approaches have been applied to address the issues of crime which both psychologists and sociologist taking part in developing relevant ideologies and strategies towards solving crime matters (Altier & Horgan2014). The contribution of both bodies has enhanced criminology performance and contributed to the decline in the crime rate. Both parties provided information that helped grow criminal investigations and punishment administration.
Sociological approach
Criminology is a multidisciplinary board drawing support from different fields. Sociology is an additional scientific and professional field covering geography and social work. Criminology significantly connects to sociology and social-behavioral disciplines hence giving it a distinctive cast. Sociology has contributed towards the development and advancement of criminology activities by providing a realistic understanding of criminal mindset and perceptions, analyzing the nature of crime and social centered processes (Altier & Horgan 2014). Sociology has gradually documented enhancement in criminology strategically through the formulation of prevention interventions, law enforcement, and rehabilitation. This has led to effectiveness and efficiency in cubing crime.
Psychological approach
The psychological approach has also played a significant role in developing and advancing criminal studies and research. The application of human behavioral science has enabled criminologists to understand the facts behind criminals’ behavior and factors influencing criminals’ decision towards committing a crime (Altier & Horgan 2014). Moreover, the understanding of psychoanalytic theories has enabled crime detection and criminal identification and hence results in crime control and character formulation. Through human psychology, criminal awareness has efficiently been installed in society by enhancing criminal perception, social relations to crime within social groups. Criminal psychology and criminal psychological anthropology have been applied in law enforcement bodies to detect and control crime incidents. The information on human psychology has been utilized in healing the mentally traumatized through psychotherapies and psychiatric syndrome interventions(Altier & Horgan 2014). Academic approaches are explaining the origin of criminology studies.
Psychological positivism
The proposal aimed at finding scientific objectives for measuring and quantification of criminal behavior. Development of methods aimed at observing the characteristics of criminals to expose the root causal of crime.

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