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wk 3 Homeland Security Enterprise

There are many different versions of the intelligence cycle (or process) with steps that vary in number between 4 and 6. Which model do you think is most applicable to supporting the Homeland Security Enterprise?

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This week we looked at the way information is processed in order to become intelligence. Information is raw data and facts. Through the intelligence cycle, this information is analyzed to determine its relevance and credibility of the information. Through the Intelligence Cycle, the information is processed into intelligence. Each agency and branch has a slightly different way of processing information to intelligence. For Example, in the Air Force, we teach the intelligence cycle as PCPADE.

1) Planning and Direction,

2) Collection,

3) Processing and Exploitation,

4) Analysis and Production,

5) Dissemination and Integration,

6) Evaluation and Feedback.

This process is cyclical; if the intelligence product did not meet

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