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wk 4 US anti-terrorism efforts

The strength of US society is our ability to critique policies. In this vein, what is a valid critique of US anti-terrorism efforts? If you don’t believe there are any, explain that stance as well.

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This week’s lesson shifted focus from terrorism to counterterrorism, and our nation’s ability to critique our counterterrorism efforts. Following the attacks of September 11th, 2011, the critiques to US efforts included a lack of information sharing among local, state, federal levels of law enforcement, intelligence, and counterterrorism efforts. This shortfall was addressed and actioned during the 2007Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act. This permanently established an entity tasked with facilitating the sharing of terrorism information with all necessary federal, state, local, tribal entities, and the private sector. This further enabled the unification of processes, standards, security, privacy protections, and other best practices, further facilitating all member’s counterterrorism efforts.

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