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wk3 Agents and Radiation

Explain one dispersal device/delivery method for each selected chemical, biological, and radiological agent. As a first responder, explain how you should treat a victim suffering from the selected chemical, biological, and radiological agent. Include at least one challenge to treating each type of victim

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Chemical and Biological Agents and Radiation.

Chemical agents result in deadly injuries for those exposed in a short amount of time. Some chemical agents are blister agents, blood agents, nerve agents, mustard agents and toxins. Exposure to these agents can have long-term effects such as respiratory complications and severe damage to internal organs. “Most chemical agents can penetrate clothing and are absorbed rapidly through the skin. Therefore, the most important and most effective decontamination for any chemical exposure is decontamination done within the first minute or two after exposure” (OPCW. ORG., 2016).Sulfur Mustard was introduced in WWI and is considered a blistering agent that damages skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It has no odor and can be dispersed in the form of vapor, it can be carried at long distances depending on the wind and can linger up to two days (depending on weather conditions). As a first responder wearing the proper equipment (PPE) is essential to have readily available. One challenge to treating a victim that has suffered exposure to sulfur mustard gas is being able to perform CPR, since the gas usually targets the digestive tract, vomiting may be a side-effect.

Biological agents include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms. Being exposed can be mild or even cause death. Ricin is a toxin that can be made from the waste left over from processing castor beans. “If injected, as little as 500 micrograms of ricin could be enough to kill an adult” (OSHA. GOV

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