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Your machine begins to randomly reboot. You have run your anti-virus software and ruled out worms or a virus. You suspect it may be a memory issue. What detailed steps will you take to confirm that this is the culprit? Start from the physical steps and continue

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If my computer begins to randomly reboot, then there is definitely a problem that would cause me to do some trouble shooting. If ant-virus software rules out any infections, then I would look into checking the components inside my computer. But before I do anything else, a big rule of thumb I’ve learn from a friend when doing anything to your computer, especially when trouble shooting, is to back everything up. It is very important to back up your system so that you do not lose any important data, because if something goes horribly wrong at least you will still have your data. If I suspect that this rebooting issue is coming from memory issues, I will first check the physical connection of the memory.

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