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WMBA 6070 WK 8-13 ethical code

Assess how comprehensive this organizational ethical code appears to be and what you feel may be missing.

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The ethical code delineated by Eli Lilly and Company is solid but I would include a couple of additional items , to make it even more comprehensive. The item I would add is a provision that states the importance of hiring individuals with high moral and ethical character. When, Chun, Shin, Choi, and Kim speak about the three dimensions of corporate ethics, the third one they describe is employee ethics, “For a firm to be considered ethical, its employees must have their own moral standards and behave according to these standards. The reason why employees’ own moral standards are emphasized as part of corporate ethics is that, when a firm lacks its own ethical behaviors and decision making” (Chun, Shin, Choi, & Kim, (2013), p. 856). Having employees with high moral and ethical standards will help insulate a company from behavior that will negatively impact the organization and possibly save it from itself.

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