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Works Cited Formatting

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Review: Works Cited Formatting


About this lesson
Today you will review how to create a list of the sources you refer to in your paper so that your readers can follow up that information on their own if they wish.



PART 1: Review Works Cited Formatting for Articles

Directions: Review the examples and information about how to format each entry on your Works Cited page. Then, proceed to the Independent Practice and apply what you have learned. 5 minutes




Works Cited Formatting for Articles and Videos

When citing a video, a website, or an article on a website, you will need the following information. If any of this information is not available, simply leave it out.

· Author (for the first author, put their last name first) or Organization that created the source.

· “Article or video title in quotation marks.”

· Title of the original publication or website in italics,

· Date published (or copyright date).

· CommonLit, (if applicable)

· URL (without the https://).

· Date you accessed the material.


When citing an article on CommonLit, use “” as the URL.

Basic Format:

Author or Organization. “Article or Video Title.” Title of the original publication or website, Publication Date. Website, URL. Date.


Gladwell, Malcolm. “Thresholds of Violence.” The New Yorker, 2015. CommonLit, Accessed 7 Jul. 2021.

Saturday Night Live. “Meet Cute – SNL.” YouTube, 2017. Accessed 7 Jul. 2021.




PART 2: Independent Practice

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