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You are a community public health nurse (C/PHN) working with the vulnerable population you identified in Milestone

SCENARIOYou are a community public health nurse (C/PHN) working with the vulnerable population you identified in Milestone 2. You will choose a specific community health role that would serve this population. You have analyzed the data collected from your windshield survey and vulnerable population assignments (the first two milestones) and identified one community health problem that a nurse can impact. Now, review the scholarly literature or scholarly websites listed below and identify one specific evidence-based nursing intervention that has the potential to improve the health of this group. Then develop a proposal to implement this intervention and a plan to evaluate the outcomes of this intervention. Create a PowerPoint that you could use to present to an organization in your community to request approval for funding and support for this intervention. (You are not required to implement the intervention or present your PowerPoint, though you may want to consider implementing your project in the future).DIRECTIONSWatch the Milestone 3 tutorial by clicking this url: This tutorial is also available on Course Project page under Course Home.A. Introduction: (average of 2-3 slides)• Describe the identified problemo Include at least two important findings that demonstrate that this is a problem in your community.• Describe your specific community health role: Some examples of roles are school nurse, parish nurse, home health nurse, occupational nurse, health department nurse etc.• Identify the purpose of the presentation which is related to proposing a community health intervention and evaluation plan.B. Identify an evidence based intervention: (average of 2–3 slides).• Find an evidence-based nursing intervention from a peer-reviewed journal article OR one of the following databases. These databases evaluate research evidence about community health interventions. Be sure that your intervention is one that is recommended. Cite your source on the slide with the author or organization and year.o Use at least one of the following to identify an evidence based intervention:? A peer reviewed journal article demonstrating that your intervention has been successful? The Community Guide ( Choose one of the topics in the topic tab to find interventions.? The CDC Community Health Improvement Navigator Database of Interventions ( Healthy People 2020 evidence-based interventions. Find a relevant topic area at (, click on that topic area, and then click on the “Interventions and Resources” tab to see the evidence-based interventions list for that topic area• Provide a brief overview of your intervention.• Discuss why this intervention is a good fit for your community (why you expect it to be effective in your community).C. Intervention Implementation: (average of 3–4 slides).Describe how you would implement your community health nursing intervention in your community• Discuss the actions will you take as the community health nurse to accomplish this intervention.o Relate your actions to the Public Health Intervention Wheel (Nies

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