addressing growing consumerism and its problems among patients

    November 5, 2022

growing consumerism

1. Issue Statement: What issue is your project addressing?2a) Patient retention 2b)  Reasons why patients are frustrated with healthcare-inability to participate in decision making -Record time in and out visits with provider-accessibility to health records and monitoring -Prescription medication vs. holistic approaches and shared values 2. Discussion: Provide a minimum of 300 word description of your project. Include the following: What problem are you seeking to solve? Why is this important? How will you go about solving this issue? (What data will you need to collect and how will you collect it) What is the anticipated goal once the project is complete?The availability of online information and holistic advocates have significantly impacted patient consumerism and healthcare. Patients, especially being in a post covid political season, have started to take more control of their own health benefits and decisions. The two biggest factors affecting healthcare are the quality of care, and the financial affordability. As a case manager at a smaller family medicine clinic, the biggest operational problem within the clinic is patient satisfaction. I believe this is because of the inconsistent practices within the different providers. Patients, depending on availability, may have to see a different provider for care at times, and the practices and approaches are different. This paper aims to provide a review on the motives of patient satisfaction, staff communication and interaction, patient experience vs satisfaction, and specific health needs. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the provided care, and tailor health needs, values, and preferences to the individual patient, while practicing the same approach to all clinical decisions to protect the clinic and experience. I would like to incorporate the reasoning behind certain changes and decisions of the clinic in our marketing topics and posts so that the patients are in an equal understanding of what influences the changes. Knowing my patients, this will help them adapt. Within your project, identify the stakeholders, gather data (including information from the literature), identify resources, identify conflicts, and develop a solutionOnce youve conducted your literature review and obtained an adequate number of sources needed to describe the issue, present information on the background of the issue, and discuss other issues pertinent to your topic, provide a summary of your sources.
Guidelines for sources used: There should be a minimum of ten sources referenced in your final paper, including a minimum of five peer-reviewed studies or journal articles. These sources can include textbooks used during your time in the program and other reliable and credible references that can be validated and verified.  These should be valid, credible, academic-quality sources. Do not cite or use Wikipedia, online magazine articles that are unsupported, or opinion pieces. Seek to ensure that your literature is from primary sources.  For example, if you are citing a source cited within a textbook or journal article, you should look for the original or primary source and cite this. All sources should be properly formatted using 7th edition APA formatting guidelines. Will be 15-18 pages in length not including the title page and reference pages Papers must be formatted according to APA guidelines, using 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced, one inch margins, running head, pages numbered, title page followed by an abstract page. Papers will be graded based upon substance (adequately covering each required section of the paper) grammar, writing, organization, substantive literature review with academic quality references and APA formatting. The paper must include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Proposed Solutions, Proposed Implementation Plan, Conclusion and References The Proposed solutions and Proposed Implementation Plan sections should be a large portion of the paper and not just one to two pages.


Begin your summary paragraph with an introduction to the text.

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