environmental issues and graphic design

    November 5, 2022

environmental issues

I have chosen the topic:With graphic design moving more and more online ( social media, websites etc) from print is it really more sustainable? What environmental issues does this cause? Is there a sustainable way to work as a graphic designer?
Project description:
You choose an essay topic that interests you – e.g. something related to your profession, even if it is not celebrated – and discuss it from an environmental perspective in an academic documentary essay. The choice of topic is very open, but it needs to have a clear connection to the content of the course – touching on both design and environmental issues. The topic can be anything from specific designers/architects to products, buildings, ideas or problems the list is really endless. The essay is a formal documentary essay (main text about 800-1000 words).
Of course, the approach depends a lot on the choice of topic, but remember that an essay is not just a summary or an overview of a topic – it always has to include some analytical comments and some kind of conclusions. You are also welcome to express your personal opinion/interpretation and then justify it or explain it as well.
The essay is a formal documentary essay (main text about 800-1000 words). Completion of sources must be standardized and thorough. Instructions for finishing sources according to the Chicago standard can be found on the website of the University of the Arts library.


Begin your summary paragraph with an introduction to the text.

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