How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay – Use these great tips and save time

    December 29, 2022

Causal Analysis Essay

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In this article, we’ll discuss what a cause analysis essay is, how to write a causal essay, some tips and common pitfalls to avoid when writing one, great cause essay topics, causal essay example, and frequently asked questions about the causal analysis essay writing process.

What is a Causal Analysis Essay?

A causal analysis essay is a type of academic writing that analyzes the cause of a problem. It can also be regarded as a cause-and-effect essay because it analyzes the consequences of a certain cause.

A causal analysis essay helps to answer the question of “why” something happens or is the way it is. Thus, it can be used to prove a point, disapprove of a belief or speculate a theory.

How to Write a Causal Essay: Helpful tips

A causal analysis essay aims to define and analyze all sides of a cause-and-effect dilemma. It is also crucial to develop a strong thesis statement for a cause and affects essay as it guides the rest of the body section. 


The introduction of causal analysis essays creates a setting for the issue being discussed. The setting is created by identifying the cause-and-effect essays and connecting them with the chosen thesis statement.  It may also define the key terms and provide some background information about the discussed topic.

What does a causal analysis essay thesis statement have?

A thesis statement for a cause analysis essay is one to two sentences that summarise your paper’s main points.  A good thesis statement should open the way for an argument. Importantly, it should set the tone for the rest of the paper and state the writer’s viewpoint on the given topic or topics.

Cause analysis essay thesis example: Obesity is one of the most unregulated lifestyle diseases. Obesity occurs due to irregular eating habits, the availability of cheap junk food and increased food commercials. 


The body paragraphs of causal analysis essays are essential as they reveal the causes and effects of actions, events and processes stated in the thesis statement of the paper’s title.

The body paragraphs of a causal analysis essay should flow logically and establish a connection among each ether to bring about cohesiveness. Every body paragraph should illustrate one cause or effect. Including examples in the paragraphs makes it easy to understand or relate them to reality. 


There should be a causal analysis essay conclusion paragraph at the end of the paper or the body paragraphs. The conclusion helps to connect the cause-and-effect elements as well as rule out any form of confusion. In the paragraph, there should also be a restated format of the thesis statement, a call-to-action sentence to allow the readers to take action and one should also summarize main body points.

50 Trendy Causal Analysis Essay Topics Examples

If you are having trouble coming up with a cause analysis essay topic for your paper, consider using these examples to come up with a great essay. To get the best out of these topics, you can develop a causal analysis essay outline before writing the actual analysis.

Nature & Environment Topics

1. Healthcare effect of natural parks.

2. Impacts of global warming.

3. Globalization effects on Amazon rainforests

4. Effects of construction on Earthquakes.

5. Effects of Facebook on environmental initiatives

6. Chemical plants in China and environmental changes.

7. Comparison of environmental laws in the U.S.

8. An impact of animals chipping on their breeding patterns.

9. Polar bears migration.

10. Modern soils and dehydration processes.

Topics on Social Issues

1. Effects of staying honest

2. Causes of racism in society

3. women in abusive relationships

4. An impact of domestic violence on children.

5. Impacts of poverty

6. Chronicles and their impacts.

7. Outcomes of online dating

8. Impacts of travelling around the world

9. Sports impact the lives of young people.

10. What are the PTSD reasons among U.S. veterans?

IT Topics

1. Internet influence on young children.

2. Social networks impact personal safety.

3. E-learning is a threat to traditional education.

4. Online shopping leads to additional financial risks.

5. YouTube’s impact on freedom of speech in the United States.

6. Influence of social media on the perception of information.

7. IT job market’s influence on immigration.

8. Technology makes daily life more complicated.

9. Cyberbullying

10. Effects of social media addiction.

Political Science topics

1. Social media and politics.

2. Political leaders and their resignations.

3. Gun possession laws in the United States.

4. Causes of political politics in the 1950s

5. Chosen language style on political success influence.

6. Outcome of foreign U.S. politics in Iraq and Afghanistan.

7. Political bias leads to the wrong perception of social minorities.

8. Female politicians have to work twice harder because of gender bias.

9. Impact of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.

10. Impacts of globalization

Youth & Education Topics

1. Impacts of stress on college students

2. What are the causes of bullying?

3. An impact of growing up in a single-parent family.

4. Challenges and influence of distance learning.

5. Effects of living in a multilingual society.

6. Negative effects of working and studying at the same time

7. Low grades report cases among college students.

8. Dropping out of college: causes and effects analysis.

9. Video games have negative effects on mental health.

10. Anger and confusion in schools. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What must a causal essay include?

A causal essay must include a thesis statement highlighting the main argument and revealing the causes and events of the actions or events being discussed.

What is the purpose of a causal analysis?

The purpose of causal analysis is to identify and address the causes and effects of a challenge or problem. The challenge or problem can be a process, an action or an event.

What is a causal argument essay example?

A good example of a causal essay is the causes of food insecurity in Africa.

How do you write a causal chain essay?

The causal chain essay has three main parts:

·       The initial cause

·       The final consequence

·       The link between the cause and effects

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