How to Write an Essay Fast: 9 Awesome Tips

    January 3, 2023

How to Write an Essay Fast

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How to Write an Essay Fast – 9 Simple Tips

1. Plan Your Time 

You must focus, set your mind and avoid any destruction like phones. To be efficient enough, take 10-15 minutes and plan. You must divide your time accordingly if you’ve got just an hour.

The most important thing is to understand the thesis statement. Remember to include a review in your plan and spend at least a fifth of your time structuring and at least half formatting the text.

2. Understand the Assignment

Usually, the essay question determines the length of your essay. Therefore, you need to read and reread the essay question to be sure of what is expected from you. Once you’ve understood the question, you can know the extent of your research and draft something good. This way, you can plan your time well.

3. Conduct Research

Conduct research on the assignment after understanding it. You don’t need to worry since you already have the topic and have gathered enough thoughts. Ensure you’re brief, to the point, and avoiding general concepts.

If the source of your information is from the internet, save the links, so you only look for information from some over but access the most specific information. Look for keywords you’re likely to use in your work. 

4. Spend 20% of your Time Creating a Flat Outline

You must organize your text in different paragraphs, including the introduction and conclusion. You can start with what is simple, each containing the main point. The flat outline can work in the following ways:

  1. Avoid a hierarchical system. Just list the topics and handle them accordingly.
  2. Revisit the library to find sources for the issues that still need support.
  3. Dump all relevant quotes from your heads under the problems.
  4. Transform your topic-level outline into your paper. Don’t start from a blank screen.

5. Write Down the Topic Sentences for Each Paragraph.

Develop your arguments in the body and turn every idea you outlined before into separate paragraphs; each section should have the same format. Incorporate your primary ideas into the opening sentence then you can support your opinions it. Also, remember to use proper sentence format.

You must clearly explain your topic in critical sentences to strengthen your arguments. Every paragraph should contain a topic sentence, supporting evidence, and summarizing sentences.

6. Follow the Outline and Make the Introduction Solid.

After you have put your topic sentences and a strong thesis statement in your outline, it’s easier to follow the outline and make a solid introduction. To make the introduction solid, consider using a hook that informs of a dialogue, anecdote, or fact that is closely related to your thesis.

Remember that starting with a hook enhances your creativity, making you more adjustable and grabbing the reader’s attention.

7. Spend 40% of the Time Writing the Body Paragraphs

You need to provide evidence on each of your main points or topic sentences that were stated in the outline. You should use different connecting sentences and examples to create cohesion in your paragraphs.

In this section, take about 40% of your time because it is the main part of your essay that needs a lot of writing.

8. Write the Conclusion and Enhance the Introduction.

The last thing would be to write a conclusion paragraph for your essay and enhance your introduction. The conclusion paragraph should restate the thesis as well as highlight the main points. Since you’ve your thesis statement in the introduction, spend time to enhance it. A good introduction can determine how people like and read your work. You must hook them strongly in the introduction paragraph.

9. Revise and Edit Appropriately

Create enough time to revise while paying attention to every paragraph’s content. Ensure that your text has a logical connection without errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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